Permanent Makeup

Mid Sussex


Are your eyebrows sparse, patchy or thin due to over plucking? Are they uneven or lacking in shape and definition? Do you have to spend too much time drawing them on each morning? These are just some of the reasons that permanent cosmetic eyebrows could be the perfect solution for you! 

£245 - £275


This treatment is a long lasting and low maintenance alternative to lash extensions.  Lash enhancements give the illusion of fuller, thicker eyelashes, so you can forget the mascara and still feel great!

This treatment involves the insertion of a thin layer of pigment across the lash line; to open up the eye area. 

£145 upper or lower lashes, £250 for both


Does eyeliner improve your self confidence or do you avoid wearing it because of the time and effort it takes to apply? Does your eyeliner smudge or come off during the day? Do you struggle to apply your eyeliner evenly? If so, this is the ideal treatment for you!

£175 upper or lower liner, £265 for both


Are you tired of refreshing your lip gloss or liner several times during the day? Are your lips pale or thinning?

Permanent makeup enhances lip colour, shape and can add thickness to your lips! There's lots of different shades so we can choose the perfect one for you. 

Lip blush £245, full lip colour £275

Welcome to Brows on Point Permanent Makeup


I am a highly trained Permanent Makeup Technician, based in Mid Sussex; specialising in enhancing brows, eyes and lips.


After years of over-plucking my own eyebrows, I decided to have my first Permanent Makeup Treatment. The incredible results immediately inspired me to pursue a career in the Permanent Makeup Industry. I could imagine completely falling in love with a job that enabled me to help people look and feel their best with amazing natural makeup that lasts for years.


Permanent Makeup or Micro-pigmentation is the process of carefully inserting hypo-allergenic pigments into the upper dermal layer of your skin on the desired treatment area. The pigment will fade gradually over time and a ‘refresher’ treatment every 1-2 years is recommended.


There are such a range of beauty styles and different images out there that it is important to ensure that every client receives an entirely bespoke service, to ensure their own desired results are fully achieved. I am entirely passionate about my work and am committed to working together with clients on an individual basis to achieve 100% natural perfection.




Taking the first step couldn’t be easier. Prior to any treatment, you will receive a full free consultation to discuss the look you are trying to achieve. I will explain the treatment procedure from start to finish and answer any questions you have. We can discuss the different types of Permanent Makeup treatments and decide which techniques and colours best compliment your features, skin tone and lifestyle. Together we will design a bespoke treatment that is perfect for you. I will also carry out a Patch Test to ensure you are not allergic to any products used. I look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your beautiful new look.



Brows on Point Permanent Makeup Studio,

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